The 3 universal transitions of our lives

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It’s no surprise that work related transitions aren’t the only ones that we’ll go through in life.  Since they involve our paychecks, how we make our livings, they usually feel like some of the most eventful ones that we go through.  But there are scores of changes that happen in our lives that go beyond work transitions.

Losses of relationships

Think about the people who have gone out of your life in the past year: friends who moved away, deaths, and other permanent losses.  Those are the ones that we usually think of first, but we can also experience loss when a child moves away to go to college.  And it’s not just people- the loss of a pet can be just as devastating as the loss of a human family member.

These losses make an impact on the quality of life in your home.  Not having someone you care for deeply causes a disruption in your routine.  And it’s a loss that can never completely be replaced.

Changes in home life

Even if you moved to a new apartment two doors down in your complex, it’s still a change.  When you’re distracted, you might find yourself putting your new keys into the lock of the old door.  Even remodeling what you have brings with it lots of changes in your life.  From the noise to the financial burden it puts on you, a change to the place you call your home is incredibly stressful.

But not all changes at home involve a change to the building.  If you or a family member is dealing with a serious illness, it directly affects the dynamic of your relationships with each other.  A child or adult child caring for an ailing parent finds that their oldest relationship is undergoing seismic changes.

Personal and inner changes

These are some of the most grueling changes we go through day in and day out.  If you’re trying to change your eating or exercising habits, it’s driven by an internal desire to change, so it hits as close to home as it possibly could.  The same level of vulnerability comes when you end or begin a romantic relationship.  These changes are so intrinsic to who we are that the slightest variable can cause shock waves throughout our lives.  Ask anyone who’s tried to show up to work the day after being dumped.

Not all changes we go through involve our work-  most of them deal directly with who we are at home and who we interact with on a personal basis.




Regardless of where in your life a change is happening, the transition takes a toll on you physically, mentally and socially.  When they start to pile up on you, and pull different parts of your life, the effect becomes more and more complicated.

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