Run your own race

Reading stories of how other people have become successful can give you clues on how to structure your own jump into self employment. But ultimately you’ll never be able to sustain yourself by following their footsteps precisely.

To create your own meaningful work, here are some tips:

Look at what you have in life.

Evaluate your own assets, the relationships and skills you have in order to succeed in what you want to do. A supportive family, the ability to think creatively, leadership during a crisis, the ability to appreciate the simple things in life are all examples of assets, but your own list will be inexhaustible.

Take risks, even if you don’t know where they will lead:

Stop thinking about your fear and doubt for a second, and realize that your next steps will pay off in better engagement with others. And simply adding quality to your engagements will help you to grow in ways that will eventually pay off, including financially.

Step more consciously into what you are doing.

Sometimes, appreciating where we are at this very moment is all we need to give ourselves. Barbra Ueland, in her classic If You Want to Write, advises that in order to be truly creative, you must remain in the present. Worrying about the future and feeling guilt over the past is what kills creativity dead in its tracks.

Learn from Feedback.

While criticism tends to drift towards negativity, bringing up your shortcomings, not all feedback is bad. In fan fiction, a writer requests a beta reader who simply reads a story without doing any line editing. The idea is to get the reader’s overall feeling of the peace.

Without coming into the read with an eye to find faults, the reader is free to point out what works for her and where the writer can come up with improvements. The feedback is valuable in the beginning of a piece, and the emphasis on a right brained approach keeps the writer from shutting down.

Listen to others and understand their needs.

Defer gratifications, and incrementally work towards your goal.

Turn your emotions into an asset.

Praise your efforts, and take in the praise that others offer you.

Try easy.

Defy Gravity.

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